Monday, August 19, 2013

Toscani's - Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise has many restaurants, bars and clubs. If you are in Surfers you really must visit here. You also must try some of the local restaurants. It is a relaxed atmosphere with most visitors in holiday mode.  Parking can be a real issue and on a Saturday night expensive. Being a mad foody (and hungry at the time) we dropped into Toscani’s for dinner. I love Italian food and was really looking forward to a great meal.

The place was busy and service a little slow but as I guessed it the staff was minus two. Of the three of us who ate here none of the meals excited us. The food was of good quality but portions were a little small. My pasta seafood dish had one scallop and two prawns??!!?? There was no pizzazz in the food. If you’re a big eater either order an entree as well or eat elsewhere. Some of the other places we dinned at, while on the Gold Coast, produced excellent meals with beautiful food in good portions. No excuse Toscani’s.

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