Friday, August 23, 2013

Chaopraya Thai Restaurant - Gold Coast, Queensland

I have a few good friends and a few dinning buddies that just love Thai food. Not only will they go out for a regular meal at a Thai restaurant but cook it at home. I enjoy Thai also but enjoy more Italian food than Thai. I will always take the opportunity  when there is a good looking Thai restaurant to try. This was the case when we staying on the Gold Coast. Chaopraya Thai Restaurant  Gold Coast not only serves excellent Thai food but presents the dinner with a full Thai immersive experience.

There is plenty of parking out the back and just s short walk into the restaurant. The second you set food in the door you know you are in for a delightful dining experience. The decor “is” Thai or how we (Ozzies) feel a genuine Thai restaurant should look. The outside (see it in the day light) is very much a large Thai grass hut. Or so it is intended to look.

What of the food? Hard to believe but it is Thai through and through. The service is efficient and fun with all the floor staff in Thai traditional costumes and some genuine Thais. Food selection is scrumptious with good variety. If you are a big eater select an entree and main. Even if you are not a big eat share an entree just to try something else from the menu.  The food quality is high, presentation excellent and portion size good. It is not overly expressive so order up big.  This restaurant experience will leave you with coriander on your breath, a smile on your face and a warm glow in your tummy. Like Nike, just do it.

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