Saturday, August 10, 2013

Geos Coffee and Bar Somerville - Mornington Peninsula.

Living on the Mornington Peninsula definitely has its advantages. Not only are there many attractions, cafes, restaurants, art galleries etc. but many and varied shopping centers. The other great advantage is driving to these cafes etc. is quite often easy and almost traffic free. Parking is never an issue and mostly free.

The large Somerville Shopping complex in Somerville (of course) hosts sevreal cafes and restaurants. One cafe which faces into the main street is licensed, modern with an exterior eating area and serves a variety of what looks like “made on the premises” food. Coffee and cake or a hearty lunch can all be ordered. Geos Coffee Bar Somerville  is light and airy with a small selection of beers and wines. The coffee is good and prices very reasonable.

I ordered the Geos burger and was more than pleased with the flavor, size and quality. I was even a bit shocked it was that good. The company I was with ordered the quiche which also was extremely fine tasting (so I’m told). A burger and a Corona for $15 is a bloody good deal at anytime and anywhere. Add to the experience the pleasantness of a fine meal of substantial size you have to be on a winner.

Though the music was more appropriated than most restaurants it was a bit loud in an area with a concrete floor and high ceiling. At busy times this restaurant may be very noisy. But don’t let that stop you. Pick your time and you are in for a pleasant time and good meal.

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