Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Mint - Melbourne City

Working for twenty-five years in the heart of Melbourne you get to visit a few of the “local” restaurants.  While working near the corner of Williams and La Trobe street I use to frequent The Mint restaurant on William Street. It is part of the old Mint a grand building.  There is plenty of outdoor dining areas. Great in summer. In winter they cover in these areas.

This restaurant has changed hands a number of times and it has been some years since I have had a beer or dined here. From my recent experience I would say it has been in better hands. But still a pizza and a Fat Yak for $18 seemed a fair deal. The pizza was OK but not gourmet and Yak big and cold. There are some good wines to choose from on the menu and always a few different beers on tap.  

Service was prompt and friendly (it was Monday and the patrons a-few). I chose indoors as it was wet and cold outside. The inertia decor is quaint and gives you a taste of what this old building was like in its former life. I wouldn’t put The Mint on your bucket list of eateries but if you are over that side of our fine city, feeling peckish and don’t want that million dollar meal, drop by. The beers are good even if the pizzas and lunch menu (maybe just for Monday) are basic you will feel content on a number of levels. The Mint, spends some time and a little money here. A reasonable investment just don’t expect big returns.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Doyles - Bridge Hotel, Mordialloc

Mordialloc is just down the road from where I was born and raised.  Trips to and through Mordy were a regular occurrence for me and family. The Mordialloc river and pier pull their fare share of weekenders , sightseers and locals. On the southern side of the river, on the Nepean Highway, is the Bridge Hotel.  This is now a large establishment with a number of bars and bistros.

Doyles is the restaurant area of the hotel. Backs onto the river in part and with its vast expanse of glass and outdoor eating has a spot for every taste. Recently I joined my extended and growing family for a twentieth birthday bash. Doyles is a pleasant restaurant with good food, wines and beers. If you are into beer both Doyles and the front bistro often have a good and interesting selection.

Service was friendly and drinks and food arrived in reasonable time. The restaurant was quiet so wait times were low. I enjoyed my meal and so did those around me. Meal sizes a large, pub size but U would say a little better than pub quality. Parking is right at the door and should accommodate you any day of the week. After and feed and water you can always go for a stroll via the river or if you are like me try one of the other beers on tap.  Doyles is large but best to book.