Friday, May 5, 2017

La Cucina - Concourse, Beaumaris

Loud, loud, really loud. Not the place for a romantic dinner. In fact not the place I would ever return to at a time when know there is going to a lot of other diners. Find the quiet times for La Cucina and go. You are in for some excellent and very inexpensive Italian cuisine. Its all just so yum! No other way to say it. This is good food, good quality food, lovingly prepared and there is a lot of it.

It really didn't matter what we tried here it was fabulously delicious. Also there is plenty of variety so go nuts. Don't order too big you will not fit it all in. Serves are generous. This is not BYO but there is an extended wine and beer selection. Also the price per glass was reasonable. The staff are jovial, professional and very helpful. There is stacks of parking both out-front and in the larger car parks near by.

Let me sum it up. Go when it's a quiet time, go hungry, expect sumptuous food and good wines and spend some time here. Finding a quiet time may be hard because this is a good restaurant in a restaurant glutted area. BUT GO!

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