Monday, July 3, 2017

Koy Restaurant - South Melbourne Market

Having been to Turkey (about thirty years ago) I was keen for some authentic Turkish food, Turkish beer and Raki. Koy, at South Melbourne market claims to server authentic Turkish food. Well they may but the cooking of the food was so poor that there was no flavour left to prove it. I had the five meats (which included fish) and I think all of it had been frozen, cooked once and re-cooked or re-heated before severing. All the protein was totally dried-out, tough and almost inedible. I couldn't tell the fish from the other meats. One word would describe the "meat" - AWFULL! The rice salad and other greens were only acceptable but really you purchase this meal for the meat.

The beer was good but the Raki (I ordered the cheapest) was bad too. The d├ęcor is Ok and the service warm and friendly. But you can get this service anywhere and you could combine it with edible food. Koy is not where you want to eat. Hard to believe that food this poor can be the result of a big, well equiped kitchen and copious support staff. For Gods sake they are in the South Melbourne Market where fresh food is sold by the ton. There is no excuse for food this bad. Stay away.

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