Monday, July 3, 2017

Casa de PLAYA - Main Street, Mornington

After experiencing an awful meal at Koy in South Melbourne and putting up with loud and screaming female soul music at The Little French Deli recently, it was a culinary epiphany to eat at Casa de PLAYA in Mornington. We just walked the main street and on a whim drooped in here for a bite. We were in for a treat we really didn't expect. Opting for three different Tapas (I would suggest go for the Tapas unless you are after a big feed), we were not only delight in the food quality, preparation and presentation but the overall taste. The Tapas were good, even great. Here's a tip; order the Cigar.

We had a window seat (inside for a cold but sunning day) looking out at the promenaders.  Service was prompted and friendly and the Tapas brought out one at a time to allow us to enjoy one before the other came. The décor could fool you that you were dining in Spain and even the music had Spanish themes (thank God). There is just something wrong with eating out at a French, Italian or Spanish restaurant with Electro, Dance or Trance or even the most boring, hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s music playing. Do you really want to ingest food to AC/DC's screaming guitar? The music should be firstly quiet, relaxing and secondly themed with the food style. At Casa de PLAYA it was all of that; quiet and themed. Not only good food and rustic décor but pleasant non-boring music to make for an excellent Tapas experience. JUST DO IT!

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