Friday, February 3, 2012

Maggie Beer - Barossa Valley - SA.

I (and my wife) had recently posted an entry for the Barossa Valley in South Australia and included a number of memorable locations visited. One place we did visit but did not mention is Maggie Beer. When we visited Maggie’s eight years earlier we had quite an enjoyable experience.  We sat for lunch and was served a tasting plate with about a dozen different meats, quinces, pate’ etc. and a wine to go with it. The experience was memorable and we enjoyed it a lot.

This time on a re-visited we felt that Maggie’s (well deserved) success had taken away some of the uniqueness and quaintness of the place.  The lunch basket appeared lacking for the cost.  Bread rolls are a central part of the meal and when they feel stale and hard it impacts on the whole “luncheon” experience. Of course most of the basket was very nice and there were definitely some very good local products there.

A lake full of turtles is a very appealing sight and had us fascinated. The fact the Maggie puts on cooking demonstrations, free, is admirable and if you are into cooking this would be a highlight of the afternoon. A cooking lesson over a glass of wine, that’s for me! What did impress us immensely was the huge range of foods available for tasting. This is something you must do. Try everything in the shop.  You can help yourself to pate’, quinces, olives, sources, chutneys, etc. The range and depth of the products is overwhelming and all of them taste absolutely divine.  Don’t miss this tasting extravaganza. Don’t miss Maggie's.

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