Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mentone Hotel (Edgewater) - Mentone

If you live around the Mentone/Beaumaris area you will know there are not dozens of Hotels to “wet your whistle” like Frankston. Frankston has three pubs and a night club on one corner.  The two in the area are the Beaumaris Hotel and the Mentone Hotel (Edgewater).  The Mentone Hotel is a sprawling grand old hotel which has had a number of make-overs over its very extensive existence.  It’s definitely modern inertia supports a number of bars and indoor and outdoor eating areas. There is plenty of off street parking.

This hotel attracts better than its fair share of the younger set. Live entertainment is provided on most of the popular nights but it would require more than this to bring the predominately young crowd. There is a number eating areas and most are large and open. Catering for large groups is easily accommodated but bear in mind this is a family hotel. If you out for a quiet romantic night pick where you sit carefully.

Bar staff are a little casual and you may find others being served before you regardless of how long you have been waiting. Table service is better and staff are friendly and reasonably efficient. This is not a fine dining restaurant so don’t expect high quality food perfectly prepared. This is a pub after all and serves pub food. Drinks are reasonably priced and there is a huge range of beers, wines, cocktails and soft drinks.

For me a good and varied selection of beer on tap is important. This hotel does have that.  If you like to try some different beers on tap in a pleasant environment amongst the younger set, take a trip to Mentone. It can be noisy so once more for the romantic evening choose your seat wisely. Enjoy.

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