Monday, February 27, 2012

Cerberus Beach House - Half Moon Bay Black Rock

Living on Port Phillip Bay certainly has its advantages even if, like me, you never visit the beach. We have a number of cafes ad restaurants which are situated right on the water’s edge.  These always provide stunning views of the bay and at the setting of the sun, gorgeous horizons. There is just something special about dining while looking out across blue water. In the warmer weather the sun lovers provide additional amusement.

Cerberus Beach House, right on the water’s edge at Half Moon Bay Black Rock, is a two storey affair with floor to ceiling glass doors showcasing some of the best bay views. There is plenty of parking but be aware some is for cars with boat trailers only and a ticket is required until 8pm. What’s left of Cerberus is still visible and there is a jetty for an after lunch stroll. Add to this the views of the beach and brightly coloured cliff face. Wow!

The cafe area is not overly large and a booking would be best to ensure a good seat. Book early and ask for a window seat. The folded glass doors open to bring you closer to Mother Nature. Service is good and staff and very friendly and informative. The menu is gourmet and fig and goat’s cheese bruschetta is a fine way to wake-up the stomach. The chilled muscles are a must.  There were four of us for dinner on a Sunday and all our meals were excellent.

The wine list may not be as extensive as other cafes but you should find something you like. Buy by the bottle for the cheapest way to hydrate unless you are by yourself and want only one glass. There are some inexpensive wines which should lessen the pain of a non-BYO dinner.

On Sunday night the cafe had a one man guitar and vocal show. What started out as a quiet song and strum soon became an annoyingly loud noise which table dwellers had to shout over to communicate with one another.  Unfortunately most entertainers inflict this treatment on their audience and believe if you like what they do quietly you will like it more LOUD! WRONG.  What could have been a perfect meal and evening with friends soon turned into a sore throat. Pity really. But don’t let this stop you from going. Find out when they DON’T provide entertainment and book.

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