Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Doyles - Bridge Hotel, Mordialloc

Mordialloc is just down the road from where I was born and raised.  Trips to and through Mordy were a regular occurrence for me and family. The Mordialloc river and pier pull their fare share of weekenders , sightseers and locals. On the southern side of the river, on the Nepean Highway, is the Bridge Hotel.  This is now a large establishment with a number of bars and bistros.

Doyles is the restaurant area of the hotel. Backs onto the river in part and with its vast expanse of glass and outdoor eating has a spot for every taste. Recently I joined my extended and growing family for a twentieth birthday bash. Doyles is a pleasant restaurant with good food, wines and beers. If you are into beer both Doyles and the front bistro often have a good and interesting selection.

Service was friendly and drinks and food arrived in reasonable time. The restaurant was quiet so wait times were low. I enjoyed my meal and so did those around me. Meal sizes a large, pub size but U would say a little better than pub quality. Parking is right at the door and should accommodate you any day of the week. After and feed and water you can always go for a stroll via the river or if you are like me try one of the other beers on tap.  Doyles is large but best to book.

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