Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taggarts Cafe - Bar and Restaurant, Frankston

Taggarts Cafe, Bar and Restaurant is part of the Frankston International Motel on Nepean Highway in Frankston. I joined a table of eight there for a birthday celebration. The decor is modern, a little cold but pleasant. There is a small bar with seating and standing area, in the restaurant, which would be suitable for a pre-drinks.  On some nights there is a show and for me if a wanted a quiet meal with a good friend I would avoid those nights. Talking during the show is not only rude but it would be difficult.

Most of my table ordered the steak. Probably the last meal I would order at an untried restaurant  unless highly recommended by a reliable source. I was pleasantly surprised when all carnivores report the steak excellent. Guess what I am trying on next visit? For me the fish looked safe but it was over cooked and embedded itself into the mash on any attempt to cut or fork it. It was just too mushy!  The entree’ was scallops and prawns in a Pernod cream sauce which were perfectly blanched. I would have this as a main if available. Possibly the best entree’ I have ever had. Glorious! This Chef knows what he is doing and can deliver.

Dessert was sticky date with butterscotch sauce, cream etc. Once more glorious. I would have it again. I forgive the man with the tall white hat for the fish. He left me with a full tummy and a smile on my face.  Taggarts is a place I would go once more and a venue I would share with an friend for a romantic or not so romantic meal.  Without the entertainment you would enjoy a delicious relaxing meal in pleasant surroundings and friendly staff. If you go take me. I want more of those yummy scallops.

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