Wednesday, August 7, 2013

beach 162 - Franskton, Victoria

What use to be La Bel' Amici is now beach 162. The original restaurant has changed hands. The inertia is unchanged but the cladding on the outer fence has been removed. Not sure which I preferred more. beach 162 is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My wife and I thought we would give the new management a try and dropped in for coffee and cake.

“Ordinary” would be the word which pops to mind of our experience of beach 162. Neither the coffee or cake exited us and we left a little disappointed. But let’s just keep in mid this was one visit and one experience. Not that we will rush back for another. The Pizza area is still functioning so maybe a re-visit with the view for dinner over a pizza. I can still remember some great breakfasts at La Bel' Amici. Will beach 162 be able to return the magic. Why not find out for yourself? Don’t take a first date here. You may not get past first base after the experience!

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