Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Benito’s Ristorante Italiano - Mount Eliza Victoria

What may have been a house at one time, on a large deep block of land on Nepean Highway Mount Eliza, is now Benito's Italian Restaurant. The restaurant is large and spacious with a high ceiling and timber floors. In the area we ate (next to a window) there is a large fire place and serving bar. Though the place does not ooze Italy or even Mediterranean decor it is pleasantly appointed. Our table waiter was definitely European; smartly dressed and dark looks.

There are a few other sections to this good looking establishment apart from plenty of parking. The reception area is out the back and caters for weddings etc. Even a small stage for band or DJ is provided. Another large dinning area is opposite the one we sat in with even a large outdoor deck area for the warmer weather. I am informed this is a family restaurant. Not sure about that and not sure if it matters. Service was professional and reasonably timely. One on duty for or Friday lunch.

The bruschetta was excellent. Mine was smothered in hot olives and large in portion. I was probably meant to share it but it was far to nice for that. By the way it is BYO. If you don't bring your own there is good selections from the drinks list. Back to the food: Most at my table of four ordered steak and for me the Black Angus. The steaks were large in proportion and well topped with seafood in my case. The meal looked tremendous and so did all that were served at our table. The steak though was dry and where I had ordered medium expecting a bloody pink centre it was dry right through. I wondered if my serve was cryovaced. The porter house steak to left look super yummy and next time I may just try it. Once more a big portion. No skimping on size in this eat house.

I could not fault the toppings of seafood and source which was lavish, very tasty and thick. You did not need chips with this meal. It was filling just by itself. Of course I had downed a couple of large bruschettas to start with. If you are a big eater and want to go somewhere local with easy parking, pleasant surrounds, big portioned meals and generous, delicious toppings and veggies, then Benito's maybe your best pick. And it is reasonably priced. Gratzi!

Revisit: A revisit to Benitos for the wife’s birthday certainly made for a very pleasant evening. We had booked the smaller restaurant area for twenty-two on one long table and had the area to ourselves. Though service was a little slow when the meals arrived all were in awe of the size and presentation of each meal. This was Italian eating on a very grand scale. Not only was there more than you can eat but the food was absolutely top class.

From the fish of my Benitos Fish and Chips to the two inch thick steaks every meal was delicious and perfect. Not easy when you have to roll out twenty-two meals all at once. Benitos bent over forwards to accommodate our every whim and just could not be more helpful. Well done Benitos and thanks for a truly great night.

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