Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mitre Tavern - Bank Place Melbourne

There are a number of pubs in Melbourne which have been around since Captain Cook sailed our shores. Some are well know like Young and Jacksons other less so. Most have a good selection of beers, wines etc. and most server meals. From a food quality perspective the meals are what I would class as "pub food". Nothing special but generally big portions and hearty. Just what the hard working beer drinker wants. But this post is not about pubs, beer or even pub food, it is about the best place in Melbourne CBD to buy a steak meal. Not just any steak meal but a Black Angus Premium Steak meal. The best steak Australia has to offer.

An ex-work colleague and I catch-up regularly through the year and enjoy a big steak meal, chips and a bottle of red. We have bashed some of the better steak houses in the CBD. But after a few visits find discontent and look for better "stakes". The Mitre Tavern, hidden in Bank Place, has an upstairs steak restaurant which has become our favourite haunt over the last few years. Down stairs you have your usual pub and even an outdoor eats and drinks area. Great place to be on a warm summer's night after work. I know this from too much experience. Meals are also served down stairs but its upstairs where the better food and fine dinning experience can be found.

The term "Black Angus Premium" takes on a whole new meaning when you are served a steak rich in flavour, fine in texture, cuts perfectly and cooked to absolute perfection. You must be severed the highest grade Black Angus and the chef must be on the ball to get the best from this gorgeous meat. When you order medium, as I do, you get a true medium with a touch of flame charring on the outside. Your steak is juicy and bloody-red/pink in the middle. Yum! There is also a fine selection of sources for you to choose from.

The meals are of fair size but ordering the steak chips and a mustard or two will round out the meal. The chips are excellent. The Mitre Tavern wine selection is select and extensive and we have supped many a fine bottle and at a reasonable price. Start with the house sparkling white to cleans the palette. The surrounds are fine indeed and service warm and friendly. The wait staff really want you to enjoy your meal and to come back. Come back? Try and keep us away.

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