Monday, September 26, 2011

Verde - Mount Eliza Mornington Peninsula

The beauty of being a restaurant commentator is you do not need an excuse to dine out. It is perfectly justified to eat out whenever you feel. What is a crime is repeatedly visiting the same restaurant and therefore not able to add to your list of experiences. I found myself in Mount Eliza to pickup a parcel and decided to lunch at Verde. This delightful big open restaurant is on the very end of the main drag in "The Village" shopping center Mount Eliza. Easy parking across the road.

Verde has outdoor and indoor dining. I chose indoors and took my magazine for a wine, dine and read. I ordered the Black Angus "Certified" Steak and garlic butter source. I have eaten here a few times in the past and on both occasions the food and service have been good.

If you read my review of Benitos you will read where I found the Angus steak wanting. It really did not live up to its reputation as a juicy, flavoursome, tender steak . It was dry, over-cooked for medium and lacked flavour. The same can be said for the steak Verde served up over lunch. It looked like it had been tenderised (tenderise an Agnus?), it was dry and over-cooked for medium. The garlic butter source was only just OK also but the salad was good, A $35 salad with a side of Angus!!

Something is very wrong with Benitos and Verde that they are unable to prepare a steak of the quality of the Black Angus. I have to ask then are they really Black Angus and "Certified" or are they just steaks. Quick call the Steak Police. Or are they cryovaced Angus and no amount of careful grilling will bring them back to life. Go to Verde just stay shy of the steak. Pasta's good.

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