Friday, September 30, 2011

Bob Harrison's Reserve Viognier - McLaren Flats

While on the phone to Bob Harrison ordering more Red and I asked if he would recommend something else. I ‘tend to swing both ways when it come to wine: Red and White. Bob said he would send me a bottle of his Reserve Viognier 2006. This would not be a wine I would order or purchase in general but one I may try if offered and recommended.

I chilled the bottle for two hours in the door of the bar fridge. Generally I would have my whites colder. On first pour I was struck by the colour, yellow. Usually when whites age they exhibit a straw/sable colour. This five year old was yellow and bright (high clarity). On first sip I found myself lining up food to enjoy with this well aged $22 a bottle clean wine. Veal and Cod sprung to mind but then (strangely) I could see of sponge cake and light cheese (maybe a cheddar). Could this be the perfect partner at the dinner table across all three courses?

The bouquet is light, tantalising and beguiles the light citrus flavours to follow. I found the wine on the dry side and with a long dry finish. Also a light waxy feel remains at the back of the tongue for sometime after. The yellow colour should alert you that this wine has bite with only medium body. If you like your dry to light fruity wines this one maybe for you. If you like the heavier sweeter whites try this one with a meal or even a light desserts. Be prepared to be surprised. I’d be surprised if you wasn’t.

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