Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Michelangelo – Aspendale Gardens

I had visited this particular Michelangelo a few back with a party of work friends at Christmas. At that sitting my then boss and I ordered steak. Neither of us enjoyed the steak. Sometime later I dropped into another Michelangelo’s further up the line and enjoyed a very nice paster dish.

Recently I was working in Black Rock and decided to have a quick lunch at Michelangelo Aspendale Gardens situated in southern Victoria. This is a big restaurant which not only caters for individuals, families and groups but has a huge function area. I sat in the main dining area and looked over the drinks menu. Straight away I was impressed by the scope of wines, beers and spirits plus soft drinks which were listed. One of the beers listed (Asahi dry) I had not heard of before. I couldn’t image anyone dining here not finding a drink to go with there meal. For me it was a NZ Sav. Blanc.

My food selection was Atlantic salmon fettuccini. Service was swift and friendly and I had my drink and meal in a very short time. It was Thursday 1pm and the venue was very quiet so I would have expected nothing less. There is good range and variety on the menu and I notice a few around me chow-down on steak. My meal was good but not great. Paster was firm but I like that way. Salmon tasty but also a little firm. Source was OK. The wine was very pleasant and a well chilled white.

I will go back. I probably wouldn’t order the steak but it was a few years back when I had it first. For a quick meal or out with friends and family definitely a place to park the car and the butt. Lust over the wine list and food menu. Michelangelo’s has an Italian feel, meals are Italian style though Australianised. Its big and open, not the place to take a hot date for a romantic nosh if you think you may score. Worth a try.

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