Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Cove Hotel - Patterson Lakes

Hanging over the water of the Patterson Lakes marina is The Cove Hotel. There is an extensive decking area and on a sunny day you can look out over the marina, catch a few rays and wine and dine the day away. In winter clear plastic walls go up and the heating goes on. The Cove is a massive and open hotel complex. If you wish you can snuggle up on a couch in front of the gas fire or just get a table for two for a romantic dinner. Out on the decking, in winter, the heating is provided by overhead gas heaters. Your head will be hot while your feet are cold. Small criticism.

The games room is off to one side and a large bar centres the complex. And like most modern hotels there are boring large TV panels installed. I go out to get away from TV. The beer on tap is very limited with the usual Carlton Draught, VB, Cascade light etc. So no really good beer is offered on tap. There is plenty of variety in the fridge but then most pubs can offer this. The wine is list sufficient without being extensive. The Cove does cater well for large groups but always book in advance.

The service is friendly. If you do go with a large party you may have to wait a long time for meals to come out. A small group may not have this wait. Food quality is fair and not great. I ate with a dozen or so and only a few of us thought the meal excellent. Most left some parts of the meal. Proportions are ample. If you are a big eater and like VB of Carlton Draught you have found your home. The finer dinner will be fussier. But this is a pub, though a nice one. Pricing is about right for venue and place. Drop in if in the Patterson Lakes area. Try it for yourself. It may suit you.

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