Monday, August 8, 2011

Woodford Reserve - Kentucky Bourborn

This is a very serious Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. At the first sip you will be stunned by the sourness of this spirited sipper. Not bitter but sour. Woodford Reserve is based on a sour mash which incorporates rye. Bitter and sour are quite different and this AU$70 a bottle small batch bourbon will gladly show you the difference. So why drink something that at the very first taste has you questioning your selection? Because hidden deep in this very complex spirit is almost sublime flavours and aromatics that only come to life once they wash over your pallet.

You could drink a good scotch for the rest of your life and die a happy man. But there is adventure to be had. Why play it safe when for little more than a good scotch a knockout bourbon can enrich your life. As with most good spirits a center meter or two in a big wide whiskey glass (chilled) and a single ice cube (from filtered water) is the way to go. You do not want to freeze the delicate flavours and aromas out. Cool is what is required.

Each small sip will reveal a complexity and depth rarely found in good scotches. The sourness just sharpens the pallet preparing it for what is to come. As the aromas are release the head and nose fills with a breath from another place, far away, where a few select distillers are practicing their craft. I believe they work with a smile on their face knowing that some one some where is saying "thank you". Those amongst us who enjoy the richness and surprises of this life are willing to try new things, enjoy the endeavours of others and know there is more awaiting. Wait no longer.

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