Monday, August 15, 2011

On-Im-Aloy Thai - Carrum Downs

There are restaurants and then there are restaurants. By that I mean there are quality places to eat and enjoy dining out then there are lower quality eateries. Sometimes it gets down to just how much you want to pay this time or an establishment which is close by. On-Im-Aloy Thai slips into that second category. Food quality is matched to a price and location.

The food does have Thai flavours. If you are like a number of friends of mine you enjoy the fresh lime, spice and other herbs, famous for Thai food, you will get it here. But I got the feeling the food has been westernised or the quality of those flavours and foods was low. But for $53 dollars (for two including corkage), we shared a fish cakes entree and two mains. The service was good and the staff are in Thai dress. BYO is supported here. Now there's a big plus!

The restaurant is small and on a Friday night, well packed. It has a Thai feel with bamboo and Buddha decorations. It was noisy without being offensive. The take-away section has some excellent reviews on the Internet and appeared very busy. I'm not saying don't go but I am saying keep expectation low. Go because you want a cheap meal and you can't be bothered heating the pies in the microwave or don't want pizza again. Eat out cheap? Your call.

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