Friday, April 18, 2014

Theobroma - South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

Theobroma advertise themselves as a chocolate shop but they are far more than that. Our first food date here was for breakfast. I had the French omelet which was huge and deliciously tasty.  My wife had mushrooms on toast again another large and scrumptious meal. Though the French omelet looked like a train wreck, with hollandaise source layered over it, it was extremely flavorsome and filling.  Both of us were surprised at the price of out meals. Very good value for money.

Coffee is also good so drop in for cake and coffee or chocolate and coffee. There is a huge selection of chocolates so one is bound to satisfy. Have a few with coffee and take a few with you. The ambience is a little upbeat and modern, lovely and cool inside with big open to the world windows. Staff is very friendly and some are French speaking as the chef is also French.  From the few meals we had here (both were breakfast) I can recommend you try their wares. Bound to excite.

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