Friday, April 18, 2014

French Martini - South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

Every now and then a stubble on a gem amongst what can be very ordinary eating houses. Fortunately on the South Bank strip most restaurants and cafes looked very good. There is always a standout though and often you don't expect to find it. Where we dinned next was just one of those standouts. The name alone got me in. Perched almost on the footpath, with a shallow undercover area, the perfect place for a romantic evening meal.

French Martini, a small boutique restaurant right in the middle of the restaurant strip, is worth a visit or two. We went back twice. This quaint Parisian style restaurant is owned and run by a Frenchmen, service is by French staff and the chef is also French. With a result the food selections, mains, entre’ and dessert are most French. Of course you must start with their “French Martini”.

On arrival you get a couple of snails. Fortunately without the shell, cooked perfectly and swimming (well they would if they were alive) in garlic butter. Eat the snails (escargot). I saw others turning up their nose and refusing. Eat the snails! Our selections were main and dessert. All meals are absolutely to live for, delicious to the very last morsel. Arrive hungry to savour as many French selections as possible. For me, on both visits I finished with their Crème brulee.  Order the Crème brulee!

Staff is French speaking and though their English is good be clear with you order. The kitchen is small but there is no big wait for food. The decor is French style and Mon Dieu! the music is French too.  A totally beautiful experience and one I could do regularly. We will be back to stay at South Bank again and this little French gem will be our first stop. Très magnifique!

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