Friday, April 18, 2014

Ole Restaurant - South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

While staying for a few days in South Bank Brisbane, my wife and I, made a really serious effort to hit as many restaurants and better cafes as we could. That is three meals a day plus drinks and afternoon teas and snacks. We then proceeded to Mooloolah Valley and once more sort out food stops. After five days of this “death by good food” coming home to simpler meals was well received.  For the next few entries I will post comments about the better eateries we dined at.

From French to Spanish there is truly a huge variety of different restaurants to choose from on South Bank, Brisbane. On our first night’s stay the Ole Restaurant was our first port of call. Dine inside or out. It could get quiet noisy inside with a full house and non-dinning music at volume. The best food idea here maybe is to order a number of small sample plates to try different flavours, tastes and textures. Of course you can order a large meal but for us we tried four different “nibbly” plates.

This is not fine dining and though the restaurant is large the food quality is cafe grade. But unlike a cafe, large or small, the wine prices are fine dining grade. The wine was excessively priced for local vino. We opted for their house red which was a re-labelled clean skin. YUK! This “shit” was awful. Go for a beer or something else and purchase drinks elsewhere. The food is OK without being stunning. Staff are friendly and helpful and sitting outside near the foot path was very pleasant on a cool Brisbane evening. Not my favourite eating establishment but try it for yourself.  Ole!

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