Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beretta's Hotel - Langwarrin

The term "pub meal" is used quite a lot in the Australian language with reference to food quality. It is quite often a derogatory term. Because the basic "pub" meal is just that: basic! But can one hotel/pub stand out and shine when a lot of the others serve just plain bad food. By the way I don't consider a Chicken Parmigiana a rare delicacy.

Lucky for me the Langwarrin Hotel or Berettas is just down the road. The meals at the "langy" are better than the pub meals you will receive at other local hotels in the area. They are restaurant quality. Not fine dining at a pub price but good tasting and good size. To top it all off the service is very good to, pleasant and friendly. The nice part about the langy is the kids free area. This allows a couple of adults to dine and wine away from children. The langy is a family hotel but does provide for those who want a quiet meal, away from children and some of the noise.

They have a huge kids area, sports bar, smoking area, pokes room, decking area and general bistro. Brekky at the langy is not to be missed. Beretta's really tries to have areas dedicated to all requirements. The beer on tap is limited so big beer aficionados may not find strange brews on tap but many a bottle is held on the cool. Kids drinks are also well catered for. Wines, reds and whites are a plenty and at bar prices so it is not hard to have a cheap and enjoyable night at the Langy on minimal cash. I drink Fat Yak which is rather pricey but is very nice and on tap.

I drop in for the fettuccine carbonara and my wife the salt and pepper sqid. Many other nice meals are available so most tastes are catered for. In fact I would not be surprised if the langy does not cater for all tastes. Even yours.

Revisit: Back many times for great meals and drinks. Today fried squid, excellent and plenty on the plate.

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