Monday, April 18, 2011

Pelican - St. Kilda

After a night at an exhibition in Melbourne my wife convinced me to drop by St Kilda and take tapas and a drink at Pelican, 16 Fitzroy St. St. Kilda . Cathy had dropped in here once before and said I would like it. I was not prepared for the spices and delights which awaited me. Pelican is a modern wine bar/hotel but is just a little tied and needs a freshen-up. Though modern it is quite cosy inside and also has some very nice outdoor, on the street, dining and wining areas. Smokers gather here so if you don't like the smell of smoke, stay indoors. There are lots of nice areas to sit so things aren't all that bad.

We arrived late, about 10pm, but this was no problem for the staff. All service is at the table and within minutes I had glorious drinking Belgium beer and my wife a Cab-Merlot. We ordered three tapas and though the waitress felt we needed a forth, three turned out to be perfect. The tapas consisted of a potatoes in paprika, Moroccan meat balls and a mushrooms dish. Diced potatoes in paprika, who would have thought? This dish was divine, and had me ambush the chef to identify the spice. The meat balls were, as was the potatoes, lightly spiced and yummy. So too the mushrooms. The whole three dished were very enjoyable. I want to do it again!

Service is excellent and the staff friendly, including the ambushed chef. The music, for a pleasant change, was modern and thankfully not techno, dance, trance, rap or electric crap as can be served up far too loud by far more expensive eating houses. How you are meant to enjoy food and conversations in some bars and restaurant with loud inappropriate music playing is beyond me. But not at Pelican. The music just added to an excellent experience and a great late night chill-out. Not expensive and extremely enjoyable. Fly in or drop by.

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