Monday, May 14, 2018

Nevsky - Russian Restaurant, Elsternwick

Ok, you have been to your many Italian, French, Indian and Asian restaurants but put up your hand if you have been to a Russian restaurant here in Vic. This is how it is, if you have not been to Nevsky's then you have not rounded out your eating experience. Russian, Russian, Russian! Our foodie buddies and our in-laws stumbled on this place while waking the main street but wanted to "try" this place with us. In fact they were a little unsure what to expect. I'd seen it reviewed on TV only months earlier and was very keen to go. And go we did.

You must start with a Vodka, it is traditional darlings!  Nasdarovje! The menu here is extensive so while sipping your house vodka (also available at any liquor store) peruse in print the delights which await you. My chewing chums went for a parade of entrees and I headed for the most basic of basics - stroganoff. Luckily I got fed a taste here and a spoonful there of the entrees. All really yum!

The strog. was big and hearty - chronically delicious -  just what I expected from a Russian meal. Every slice of bread or taste or morsel of the entrĂ©es (from the chewing chums) was equally so. We weren't looking for fault or disappointment and there was none. No fault anywhere just delicious food. Freshly cook and served hot as!

This establishment is two story and either up or down had little intimate areas where couples could indulge and feel they had their own place and space. It is not overly noisy so a good place to take your friend and expect to eat well and dine in peace.

Even with Vodka and two bottles of wine and a number of courses the night was inexpensive. Parking can be an issue but that is soon forgotten with a friendly Russian waitress full of knowledge of the local eatery and a love of food. You will be very impressed and wonder why Russia has not invaded your stomach in the past. Good, fresh food in generous serving portions wholesome and inviting. I can't think of a single reason not to go and not to go back. JUST GO!!!

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