Saturday, March 17, 2018

Le Bouchon French Cuisine - Balnarring, Victoria

After touring through the South West of France and dinning on some of the finest French food we could find, to discovery a truly remarkable French restaurant  right on our door step is just fabulous.  Normally you would think you would have to travel up to Melbourne to experience exceptionally good French food. For too long we have been denied fine French Cuisine on the peninsula but not any more.

We are blessed with some excellent Italian, Indian, Chinese, Argentinian and Greek restaurants on the Peninsula but not French. When the other food styles, particularly Italian, have dominated the culinary landscape it is  about time French made a big return. I'd like to see more Frenchies pop-up!

Le Bouchon is situated in Balnarring, itself a quiet little town just thirty to forty minutes drive from Frankston. The Balnaring shopping center has been established for a very long time but there is a whole new and very European looking addition been built. Le Bouchon itself has a good French vibe. Just what you want when you dine out and feel you are anywhere else but Southern Vic.

I'm not going to go on about my meal or my wife's meal or my in-laws meal I could never do it justice. I must say though on a scale of one to five, five being extreme fine dinning, this French eatery is a definite four and that is with some tough marking. Is this the finest dinning experience I have ever had, in other words a "5"? No. But it was half the price and nearly as good. Value for money - off the planet.

Staff are funny, warm and friendly and knowledgeable and senior staff are French. The owner will probably be your waiter. Parking is easy and dine inside or out. If outside the view is ordinary but inside, on a busy day, may be very noisy. Pick a Tuesday to Thursday night to dine inside and you should have a quiet and exceptional experience. Good French food done well and on the Peninsula. Bon appetite!

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