Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bella Italia Legian - Bali

Staying at the Pullman Hotel (five star and all) is very nice but you should get out and eat around. Lucky for us there was a really excellent Italian restaurant directly down stairs. Even better in hot, hot Bali they have a sealed conditioned room. And even better again we had it all to ourselves. One small complaint is no matter how many times the music was turned down it would turn itself back up to the point of being uncomfortable.

The food was really top class and very fresh. Wines on the menu are limited but the Chianti went down a treat. Bella Italia   is run by an Italian and you could feel his presence coming right through the food. Add to a delicious main and starter was a selection of great desserts. Does it get any better? Yes it does. Our waitress was excellent company and excelled in satisfying our every request and we showed our appreciation at the end of the night.

We headed off very satisfied, cool and pleased with our easy find. I want to return but we must stretch ourselves to try other places. Still hoping to go back for one more meal. If you are around this end of town this little restaurant has be on your list. Dine inside or out you are in for an Italian Bella treat.

Revisit: We went back for another meal. Once more we were confronted with the same awful music, up loud, we experienced at our first sitting. In the end I spoke to the manger and as best I could keep control, complained bitterly about the loud inappropriate music. Finally she turned it off for our room. The food though was not as good as our first visit. Apart from having dessert there late one night we did not return for another meal.

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