Monday, September 25, 2017

Grossi Florentino Grill - Bourke Street Melbourne

Finding myself once more in the city of Melbourne right on lunch I had to track down yet another fine dinner experience. Call me crazy but spending $100 on lunch for one , to me, is money well spent. I had eaten next door at Omara Bar only recently but this time took the Grossi plunge.

D├ęcor is simple, subdued, modern and screams "good food here". Music was quiet and tasteful. Once more I planted my grumbling stomach right in the window for the promenade and gestation experience. Foods good, view is good and wines OK. Smartly dressed table staff take your order, make suggestions and rattle off the specials. Sardines aren't for everyone but each time I've had them I've been happy. Next veal poached in milk. Delicious.

Eating downstairs (Grill) is less expensive than upstairs but you are guaranteed the same very high quality of food and service. This was only lunch and I did notice a number of business lunches going down (pun intended). Would I recommend Grossi, yes, definitely.

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