Friday, October 13, 2017

Gabah Restaurant - Bali Island, Indonesia

Sick of Italian food and burgers in Bali and really would like to find some good Indonesian food. If you like pizza, pasta and burgers and chips come to Bali. Even then it is not good pizza and pasta (not sure about the burgers). What happen to Indonesian food. Is there that many westerners and Europeans coming to Bali that Indonesian food is off the menu. How sad.

Even when we found a good Italian restaurant near where we were staying the ambiance and eventually the food slipped. We tried a few other restaurant near where we stayed in Legian. You have to like loud dance\trance music to eat there and then the food was lousy. Most eateries were empty. Try playing some background Balinese music and serve better food and see what happens. What most restaurants are doing right now is not working. Bring back Bali!

Have faith because at the back of Matahari is a fine Indonesian restaurant which is part of a hotel complex. Gabah is a beautiful open air restaurant with a rich menu of fine Indonesian food, good beer and wine list and cocktails-a-plenty. I stuck with the beer and the wife smoothies and mocktails. We dined twice here and enjoyed it both times.

He is a little tip; get yourself a table near the pool, away from the main street and you'll sit in the cool. There is a strong cool breeze which blows through here all the time and helps with the Bali heat and humidity. Add to that a cool drink and you are well on your way to a fine authentic Indonesian eating experience. Table service is excellent and as usual the Balinese just want to please. If it is one thing the Balinese are very, very good at is hospitality. No one does it better.

On both a visits to this great and relaxed eat house we stuck with local cuisine. We sat near the pool and looked down on the pond with its massive urn drizzling water into it. Fish fill the pond. There is an open bar you can sit at and lots of table space. Good food at a reasonable price, great service and a very pleasant ambiance make for a REAL Bali experience. Not pizza and burgers, not in Bali.

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