Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bottega - Melbourne City, Victoria

I don’t need an excuse to go into Melbourne City but when I have one I always chase-down a meal. Any reason to go into Melbourne is even a better excuse to “fine dine” at a new to me restaurant.  I had a watch repaired and it was high time I took the long train ride and picked it up. I visited Madam Fangs many years ago on two occasions and loved the food and dining experience. Coming into Melbourne was a great opportunity to visit Fangs again. But I couldn't find the restaurant.

 While searching for Fangs I stumbled across Bottega on Burke Street near Exhibition Street. Though an Italian restaurant there is little in the decor to show this. Decor is modern, simple and clean in light and bright tones. Big front windows allow the lucky dinners with a window seats to people watch and what better place than on Bourke Street.  In summer the windows can be slid open.

Wait staff, on my visit, were Italian and were very professional and chatty. The restaurant was quiet and service was prompt. The wine list is extensive with half bottles also listed. All wines are quite expensive with local, Italian and French wines listed. I selected a whole bottle of WA wine and though absurdly pricy, it was well aged (2012) and very nice drinking. I took the two course lunch offer and after washing it down with the vino, was more than enough for lunch. Music was just a little too funky for me but at least it wasn’t techno, dance or trance as in some other dining establishments.

Would I go back, hell yes! I dined alone but would jump at the opportunity to return with others and once more enjoy fine Italian\European quisene. Cured anchovies on a bread with capers and 13 hour cooked Waygue  lamb  and onion is only the start of it. Fine food, clean, simple decor, good service and in the heart of Melbourne, multi grazie.

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