Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kebabs on Bell - Heidelberg, Victoria

Souvlaki and Kebabs are something you may eat at 2am after a night out at a club or pub. At that time of the morning you are probably not too fussy just how good they are. You need to eat and these tasty take-aways are filling and easy to handle. Do a spot of shopping through the day and not feel like a big sit down high priced meal, a Kebab for lunch or dinner is a no brainer.

I had to take a drive to Heidelberg to test drive a new car. Before leaving I Googled where to eat nearby and timed the test drive to finish right on lunch. After ready a number of really bad reviews about some the cafes and take-aways in the area I settled on Kebabs on Bell. Not one bad review graced the page of this Urpanspoon entry, in fact, the reviews were gushing. Good enough for me. In fact I was a little excited to give this place a try.

I’m not sure whether you would call them a Kebab in a roll or a Souvlaki but my freshly made Kebab was huge and delicious. Turks were eating here which is always a good sign. Not only was the bread smoky flavoured with just a hint of burnt bitterness but unbelievably fresh, cooked to absolute perfection. I questioned the staff if the made the bread on premises, “of course” was the answer. I could have eaten the huge flat roll with nothing in it. The onions and greens tasted fresh and snappy and the meat moist and full of flavour. I had the lamb. Most cafes use sausage meat and not 100% lamb, not here. Chicken was the other selection. To add to the flavour a garlic sauce was added.

I may have experienced the world’s greatest Kebab\Souvlaki, a huge fresh roll, fresh greens and onion and well cooked tasty lamb. The cafe is clean and neat and plenty of room for a few tables of friends, service is fast and courteous with lots of parking out front. If I had one minor quibble is a little more meat may have been nice but this is a very minor quibble.  Best Kebabs ever? I think so.

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