Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1001 Nights Restaurant - Mount Eliza, Mornington Peninsula

Every now and then you dine in a new place which you have not dine at before with the expectancy of a good time. You are never sure exactly what you are going to get. If you have friends who have visited recently and you trust their judgment and they give it the thumbs up you know you should enjoy your visit. The Mornington Peninsula is crowded with restaurants and cafes of varying quality. Just because they are on the Peninsula you are not guaranteed of a good experience. The quality of service and food can vary widely. Dining out is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes its hard to find the forest in the trees.

Serious and steady endeavor is always rewarded with good results. Never give up just because you have had a bad experience. Press on and find that eatery which satisfies, excites and rewards and makes you believe. So it is that I had the extreme pleasure of dinning at 1001 Nights restaurant in Mount Eliza. I was already prepared for a good night with my wife giving me a heads-up about this new restaurant in the heart of the Mount Eliza "village". A heads-up is one thing but nothing beats the subjective enjoyment of eating really good food. Its personal!

The Food is Middle Eastern and decor points in that direction but only just. The restuatnt has a modern feel. Kitchen is on display and you can watch chef employ his craft. Wait staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Being on the corner of the main street and being wrapped in glass provides a great view, day or night. But I suppose you would like to know about the food? Parking is easy with some provided behind the restaurant but plenty of street parking. Now I'm teasing. Why? Because when you dine out you should be hungry to enjoy your food to the max and I'm holding you off so you now feel hungry also.

One word to describe the feast we were presented with? I want just one word which will some-up a genuine exquisite dining experience. That word has to be able to convey to you what a fabulous time was had at 1001 Nights. That word must convince you all four of us on the evening were extremely pleased with the meals we were served with ABSOLUTE NO RESERVATIONS!! To be thoroughly engrossed with food quality, portion size (large), taste, textures and flavors. To be surprised and pleased with the free bread and Dukkah at the start of the evening, overwhelmed be the portion size and variety of the dips we ordered. Then to be delightfully shocked once more by the beautiful food served to us as our main. All this at a moderate cost.

There is no one word only gushing prose could convey our delight and enjoyment of our dinning experience. The food is Middle Eastern with delicate smokey flavors and lightly perfumic where required. Add to this high food quality and a side salad which was dreamy and you have an excellent meal and a great night. Don't wait for an excuse, just go. 10\10 1001 Nights.

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