Wednesday, May 7, 2014

China Bar - China Town, Melbourne

Birthday calibrations these days are generally held at a restaurant or even a cafe. If it’s a 21st or 30th or some special birthday you may upgrade the location from the local pub to a classy or better eating venue. For me it is more grist to the mill, yet another feed shack to revue.  My fav. niece had reached the age of 21 years and what better way to celebrate but with the families and her but at a nice eatery. We aren’t all lucky to be able to afford the fine dining venues of the world so some consideration should be made with regard to price per head. China Bar, in China Town Melbourne, was well priced for a buffet style evening meal and a great place for families (and our is much extended) to gather.

Of course with any major city locations parking can be difficult. Fortunately, in this case, there is a multi-story undercover car park right next door. China Bar is a massive complex stretched over two stories. On the second floor are toilets and the area can be hired for private functions.  We had the very front glassed area of the restaurant, on the ground floor, with a view of Exhibition Street. When it comes to food you may never see so much Asian style food anywhere else. Not only is there many, many types of seafood prepared many different ways but if the mood takes you or your hunger drives you, there is steak. All meat types are also available and of course all sorts of sides. Mussels, oysters and Moreton Bay bugs piled high beg to dine with you and a good place to start.

Then there are desserts. These appear as almost miniatures so grab a half dozen or so to sample a few different flavours. These desserts didn’t really excite me but the savoury part of my meal was very good. There is plenty of food and as a buffet you are free to re-visit as many times as your stomach will let you for $69. Many bottled beers and wines are on offer. I found both the house reds and whites very good and could see no reason to spend more.

Birthday, wedding anniversary, date night or just an excuse to eat out I would recommend China Bar. Rydges Hotel is next door (parking beneath) and Her Majesty’s Theatre across the road. Why not stay overnight after the show and a good meal. The only down side here may be the drum show part way through the night. If you enter and see the drums setup, sit well away. We were sat well back from the drums which were uncomfortably loud. Not a tune I recognised and not good dining music. Fortunately the show is only short. Apart from that one small complaint the place is “gold”.

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