Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chef Clinton McIver - Championa Bistro, Clayton South, Victoria

Do any of these foods excite you: yellow fin tuna, pickled daikon, slow cooked eggs, roasted garlic, slow roasted pork, spiced pork mayonnaise, dry age beef, onion puree, roasted macadamia, red gum honey and scorched lemon curd? Image in one sitting sampling all of the above and a lot more in a degustation of five courses. Chef Clinton McIver formerly from Vue de Monde will excite all your culinary sense for a token $50 at the Clayton Bowling Club’s Championa Bistro South Clayton.

Depending on your choice of drinks for the night this could be the best value and one of the greatest dinning experiences of your life. Set in the simple (even plain) bistro room of the bowling club but with an open view of the bowling green, you will be on the receiving end of some truly divine dining. The menu is a set five courses and set to have you commenting after each mouthful. You can’t help not express how good each mouthful is and how well (read perfectly) prepared and presented the entire meal is. In any other environment you would be paying double and you would still see it as good value.

Good luck trying to book in they are completely booked out until Chef leaves about mid-year 2014. But try. The food is ridiculously good, staff are passionate about their job and extremely friendly. Parking is dead easy and a relaxing view of the green is just icing on a delicious cake. Flavours abound, the wine is good and the total experience – priceless.

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