Sunday, October 13, 2013

Celsius Cafe, Restaurant and Bar - Frankston, Gateway to the Peninsula

If you work in the heart of Frankston there a plethora cafes, restaurants, hotels  etc. to choose where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t work in the heart of Frankston though I do only live 15mins from its centre.  A few good spots where we once had breakfast, on occasions, have ether changed hands and are not what they use to be or have vanished completely. Celsius Cafe Restaurant and Bar has been in the same spot for many years. It has changed hands and name and had a number of makeovers. Regardless of these changes, personally, I have always enjoyed breakfast there.

I love my Eggs Benedict and at every sitting I always have the same meal.  My wife does not order off the menu for a mix of mushrooms  and other treats on toast. This has never been a problem for the wait staff or chef. My Eggs Benedict have always been prepared to perfection with the eggs buttery and a gooey yoke, just right. The sauce, though I feel store bought, is still very enjoyable. Coffee also is very good here just don’t order it strong, it will be far too strong.

With lots of parking at hand, delightful and modern decor, friendly staff and the ability to eat outside, inside or in the court yard, you have no excuse not to imbibe. The price of your meal whether breakfast or lunch will not be of concern. Food quality is high and portions reasonable. Pick a spot near the big window at the front and watch others hurry by as you sip on coffee number two. No hurry at Celsius, relax, enjoy the food, recharge the batteries and plan when to come back to do it again.

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