Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cafe153 - Apollo Bay, Southern Victoria

Apollo Bay, in the Christmas period, is a beautiful part of Victoria situated right on the Great Ocean Road. It is blessed with expansive wide open surf beaches, beautiful weather (well as good as Victorian weather can be on any given day) and a host of cafes, shops and hotels. Modern two storey units can be rented or if you like caravan park with cabins are available. It is a busy time of the year in this part of sunny Victoria with holiday makes, surfers and visitors alike.

I like my food and where better to practice the art of grazing in one of the finer cafes in Apollo Bay. Our first in town gave us our best “foodies” experience. Cafe153, though not a wholly imaginative name, did provide some dreamy food. I sat with about a dozen others and at the end of the night there was only praise for the food and even the service.

Let’s start with service. Firstly it’s a BYO cafe but if you would rather drink theirs than yours the beer and wine list is sufficient. Back to the service: extremely warm, funny and friendly. Meals (all dozen of them) were delivered hot and timely and all good portions. Big eaters may want an entree but meal size was sufficient. Start with some garlic bread while you decide your main. Everything on the menu looks delicious and smells divine. The decor is relaxed to modern and parking is easy. What is hard is picking what to graze on over a red or a beer. The food is all so nice. Nice one Cafe153!

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