Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beach Cafe Seaford - Seaford, Victoria

Brekky on the beach can be fun. Brekky in a beach cafe can be just as much fun and someone else cooks and cleans up. That’s my type of brekky on the beach. There are a number of beach cafes which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner but on this occasion it was brekky only. Beach Cafe Seaford, not a very inventive name, provides a reasonable spread in a modern and rustic building at the end of the Seaford pier.

Parking is at the end of Seaford Road and like so many of these high tide establishments you pay.  Make sure you donate well to the local council a fine will make for a very expensive dining experience. Though the cafe is small it can be very noisy when full. Bare floors and a high ceiling don’t bode well for a quiet meal any time of the day.  Service is Ok, pricing is Ok and food is good. The menu cannot be varied at all so look for something you can eat and enjoy or eat around. Eggs are good but even for brekky there is one “egg” meal on the menu.

The beach is only meters away for a slow walk to help digest or kids to play. The pier is also nice to walk along. This is a beautiful area of the bay and part of the gateway to the peninsula where many wineries, cafes, restaurants and tourist interest can be found. Start with brekky here and work your way down the peninsula for a culinary tour bound to please. We do have it good down here. Share it with us. See you for brekky.

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