Thursday, January 17, 2013

Apollo Bay Hotel, Wickens Cafe and The Vista - Apollo Bay, Victoria

On a recent visit to Apollo Bay I managed to visit a few eat houses, some excellent some not so excellent. On a previous post for Cafe 153 I did do a special write-up. Cafe153 was extremely good and I hope to dine there again. In this post I will make brief mention of a few other Cafes and a pub which I did also spend some time.

Let’s start with the pub. The Apollo Bay Hotel has a good selection of local and inter-state beers on tap and also Guinness Stout. I started with a Coopers Pale, once more on tap and progressed to the Guinness.  Beer was cold my bar wench was friendly I got to sit out under the shade watching the world go by, happy lad! Next day I came back with the wife for a coffee. All good. Drop by for a beverage or a meal.

Wickens Delicatessen & Provedore is a pleasant enough cafe which claims to provide a WiFi connection. Well they do really provide a WiFi connection it just isn’t very good. Well really it barely works at all. Visit here for a bite or a bite and coffee. Nothing exciting about the place, well really it’s just a little boring. Well more than a little boring. So is the food. Boring. It can get busy and where you order the staff is trying to pass through, logistical layout is poor. There is on street dinning, please yourself. There probably are better places to spend your pennies.

So many dedicated foodies like fish food. I know I do and all I know who really enjoy their “tucker” love a fish feed.  Whether from the shell, scampering along the bottom or off the fin, fish can thrill.  The Vista Seaford Restaurant is directly opposite Cafe153. The Vista is trying to promote itself as a “fine dining” restaurant. Though on the surface this is what is presented when it gets down to what you put in your mouth it just falls short.

Of a table of eight none were really pleased with the meal. I think this restaurant could be a lot better but at the moment its “OK” but not “fabulous”. Though not overly expensive you may feel a little rippled off. It this restaurant was a call girl I wouldn’t be felling very satisfied after the service and credit card swipe.  Staff is friendly and service is good. You can dine inside or out. Try this place yourself and let me know what you think. Are you satisfied? It is BYO you know?

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