Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Orchid Thai - Caloundra, Queensland

Feeling like Thai? Happen to be in the main street of Caloundra shopping center? Then drop into Blue Orchid Thai for a great Thai meal. Though the ambiance and decor doesn't scream Thai it is pleasant.  Being on the second floor, if you get a window seat, you get a view of the main street below. Unfortunately the night I dined here I was accompanied by old rock and pop music from the local radio station. Hardly conducive to extending the eating experience. A long flight of steep steps lead you from the street to your table.

I had a new waitress serve me that night and she was both helpful and friendly. The regular staff were efficient and helpful also. If you are in a bit of a hurry, worry not, the service is quite snappy. The food is very tasty with a good balance of spice and flavors and good portions. The Dim Sims are quiet different to their Chinese  cousins and worth a try. The locals talk in glowing terms of their experience of dinning here and go back regularly for their favorite dishes. Price is moderate and value is excellent. Why not join the fan club?

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