Saturday, October 6, 2012

T'Gallant Winery - Main Ridge, Morington Peninsula

If there is one thing the Mornington Peninsula is not short on it is wineries. There are hundred of them. And thankfully these are generally accompanied by very nice indoor and outdoor eateries. To date Montalto's is our favorite but dropping in there recently on a Thursday saw us looking for another venue. Eating in the herb garden at Montalto is a lovely experience but one you can only experience on the weekend through summer. So onto T'Gallant's Winery we go. Luckily it's only a few minutes away.

At T'Gallant's we could chose one of about four different eating locations. The day being sunny we chose one of the outdoor locations but slightly shaded from the sun. There were sunnier spots with views over the fields of vines, a relaxing sight. The scenery is beautiful with rolling hills of green. Grab a table, order at the counter and sip a sumptuous red while your meal is being prepared. Meals are delivered to the table and staff are efficient and friendly. You get the feeling the owners are serving you and they have a real interest ensuring your time with them is good.

I love a sausage and especially an Italian one so my choice was easy. The meals are moderately priced and of fair size. If you're a big eater choose an entree' first. Of course there is a good wine selections but fewer by the glass. The bottle price is reasonable and the wines are delicious. There is plenty of parking but I would imagine on warmer days, on weekends, the place may get full. Not sure you can book just be early to secure a table.  Drop in for a meal, a wine or coffee, you will enjoy your time at T'Gallant's.

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