Saturday, September 22, 2012

Formosa House - Nanawading, Victoria

Generally I not a big fan of Chinese food but being stranded in Nunawading around lunch had me drop in to Formosa House for a midweek meal. The decor is delightful and service is fast and efficient. Chinese music plays and I think this adds to the experience. The food and wine list are extensive and it is BYO. The restaurant is large and I would image on Friday to Sunday could be quiet busy.

Unfortunately this is where the good news end. Firstly the special fried rice was excellent. Served on a huge plate, enough for four big eaters, it was fresh, colorful and tasty. The Pork in spicy plum sauce was awful. The pork was dry, tough and lacked any flavor and the sauce spice was badly balanced against the sweetness of the plum. The pork may have been leftover from the night before or pre-cooked and re-heated or re-cooked again for my meal. Even the veggies lacked any freshness or flavor. I can't recommend this restaurant but maybe the meals are better at night? They'd want to be or this place will go bust real soon. 

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