Thursday, July 19, 2012

time out - Fed Square - Melbourne

My ventures to Melbourne these days are few and far between. It’s a pleasure these days to wander around the City after working there for twenty-fives. No pressure, exploring new and old stores, nooks and crannies and trying eateries and bars not normally visited.  Federation Square, near Flinders Street station has been established for quite some time. It has become a place to meet with restaurants etc. and often free entertainment.

My wife I ventured here looking for a bite to eat on a sunny but very cool day. Time Out, which is a modern establishment offering inside and outside eating areas, became or choice. After an hour or two of walking and not finding anywhere else we fancied we were quite hungry. Being a dedicated fine ales man I ordered a pint of White Rabbit Dark. I had partaken of the non-dark variety a short time before and though I liked it I wouldn’t bath in it. The “Dark” was another matter. It was scrummy.

We ordered three entre size meals wanting to try various foods. The bruschetta and crispy calamari dished was spot on. All three dishes were very appetizing, well presented on the plate and of good size. We had definitely picked the right place. We sat outside in the cool sunny conditions, a pint in hand and fine tasty meals in front of us – thanks Melbourne. The service was warm and friendly and the bill goes down as easy as the food. Mark this place on you fine eats list, pick a sunny day when you have plenty of time on your hands and take Time Out. We did.

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