Sunday, July 29, 2012

Koko - Southbank - Melbourne

Once more we were staying at Crown Promenade for the wife's 50th birthday. As usual our stay was excellent and we always ensure we find some where fine to dine.  Crown were offering $50 off any meal if you ate at one of their half dozen or so restaurants. Number 8 and Koko were on the list. Number 8 didn't excite us so off to Koko we gogo.

Koko is fine dinning Japanese. The ambiance and decor say "Japan" and a window seat overlooking the Yarra, late into the evening, made for a romantic dinner for two. I had Saki with my waygue beef which came in a clay steam pot. Sitting atop the beef was a half cooked egg with a thin mushroom soup at the bottom. Well we were eating Japanese. Though the dish looked disappointing the beef was moist and sumptuous. I can think of no better way to enjoy this type of beef.

Service was efficient if not a little funny from our kimono clad waitress. Combine this with great ambiance, surrounds, the view and unusual tasting delicacies plus a little rice, wine you have a night to remember. We will. Try a meal from the house of the rising sun, dine at Koko's. Not cheap but a must try -ganbattene (good luck).

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