Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canadian Bay Hotel - Mount Eliza

For many years you could not get an alcoholic drink, in a pub, in Mount Eliza. Though there is not a pub on every corning there is one quite modern one in Ranelagh Drive right in the heart of “The Village”. Canadian Bay Hotel or “CB” is divided into two parts. A bar where you can down a few with the lads and brag about the latest sexual conquests and the main longue where you can wine and dine a promise. The establishment is modern, open, smart and well run.

I dropped in for lunch mid-week. Though I have eaten here a number of times before this time I wanted to take notes for a post on the DineWineMeet blog. It was quiet with only a few tables taken. There are a few good beers on tap and I started with a Stella Artios. The Stella was a flat, first pour of the day and should not have reached my table.

I’m not a crepe man but I went for the Seafood Crepe. Prawns (probably frozen) were tough and so was the sqid but scallops were very nice. The sauce was buttery with a little too much salt for me but quite flavoursome. Would I order it again. Yes. Service was fast and polite, staff ready for a smile and a joke. The wine list, for both reds and whites, was very extensive with lots of Vic and Peninsula wines. I had the Pinocchio Pinot Grigio with the crepe which was excellent. Prices are about “pub” prices with the food “pub” food or just a little better. Small un-exciting salad as a side.

As I finished my meal I was completely distracted by the noise coming from the kitchen as staff were cleaning-up after lunch and preparing for the evening. There was far too much noise which detracted from the whole experience, good up to this point. I was well away from the kitchen but pity anyone even close to it. On top of the kitchen noise was some horrid old rock music, not afternoon relax over a drink music, forced out of noisy little speakers. Too bad “CB” you were so close to Michelin Star-NOT. I would still go back though, even with zero Michelin Stars.

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