Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pizza Napoli - Melbourne

I worked in the heart of Melbourne for about twenty-five years and ate at many different restaurants over that time. Now I just visit the city four or so times a year. On a few occasions now I have found myself late in the city looking for somewhere to eat. On three occasions I have dined at Pizza Napoli. First I had a pasta meal the last two a Pizza. One very good thing about this smallish restaurant is they served Frost beer in bottles. Not anymore I discovered recently. They do have a good substitute though.

First time I tasted Frost is when I dropped into a small bar opposite the the Trevi fountain in Roma Italy. The barman pulled the beer from a tap. All I can remember it was one of the best beers I have ever had and was delighted when I learned Pizza Napoli stocked it. You will find this “Italian job” in Russell Street near Collins Street and it has been there for many, many years. Service can vary from warm and friendly to cool but always polite and professional. Service is quick even on a busy night.

I’m not sure how “traditional Italian” the food actual is but in this case who cares. It is always good. The gourmet pizza I had last was delicious and though I had a large to myself I didn’t want the eating experience to stop. This almost hidden little city gem will not disappoint even the fine diners amongst us. Ingredients always appears first class and the food comes hot and hearty though presentation is basic. Menu is extensive and always backed by a board of specials. Beer and wine list is sufficient. Find yourself late in the evening, or out for some lunch, in the city of Melbourne, dig up this little gem of Italy. Chow.

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