Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Biscottini - Main Street Mornington

If you thought there is a lot of hair dressing salons in Mount Eliza try to count the number restaurants, cafes and take-away stores in Mornington. With completion like this in one main street you would think that standards in Mornington would be high. You would feel that each establishment wants to standout over the other in some way. Or is that being average really doesn’t matter because you are going to get the customers regardless. For whatever reason Biscottini’s is very average if not below par! With an exciting Italian name like this cafe has you would think you are in for something special. In a way you are, it is especially average.
There is no decor here which says “Italian” or even “European”. Its says “Average Cafe”. Eat on Main Street or in their large tabled area or catch a stool at the sliding open air window. Lunch menu is short except if you want it fried and with chips. I rarely choose Risotto but due to poor menu selection I chose seafood Risotto. The wine list has the lowest number of choices I have ever seen on a wine list anywhere. There was nothing local in the whites but at least Victorian.
The meal looked delicious. Prawns, scallops and sausage bobbing up everywhere. Wow! Unfortunately for my stomach this book was judged by its cover. The whole meal had no taste at all. It was creamy but not in a well prepared creamy way, more like squirted out of a tube creamy way. The prawns tough and tasteless and the scallops, not sure they really were scallops, tender at least. The parmesan cheese was fatty and lacked any zest. Risotto should be dry on the bottom, here it was quiet soggy.
I would suggest if you drop into Biscottini’s try a beer or a coffee and cake and chase meals elsewhere. If you are feeling average a beer and a watch of Ellen on the LCD TV might just be what you want. It maybe all you will get here.

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