Saturday, March 19, 2011

thebeaumaris - Beaumaris

The Beaumaris hotel has been around since I was a child and lived only minutes from its doors. It had gone from being a very popular drinking hole and restaurant to a very run down pub. It even closed and up until recently looked like being demolished.

But it is back now, quite refurbished as a modern restaurant. The decor is simple, clean and quite understated. It feels modern. It feels fresh. The Beaumaris joins a well known restaurant area with Keys Street just around the corner. I have visited the Keys Street restaurants on a few occasions and have enjoyed the experience each time. So the "beauy" has some well established competition.

We booked for a Saturday night for 7:30pm to find the restaurant nearly full. Service was excellent with the waiters dressed in white shirts and black bottoms and aprons. Smart attire and bodes well with the new simple and modern look of the interior. The wine list and beer menu are extremely extensive. If you are into trying some locally brewed beer 2 Brothers Taxi Pilsner from Moorabbin is well worth a crack! I liked it but in the end I settled on Peroni.

We went with two friends and of the four meals ordered mine was the only one which got no complaints. The friends we went with are regular diners and excellent cooks. When I received three complaints about the meals I took it seriously. I had the FOD (fish of the day) which though a small portion was pleasant on its bed of sweet potatoes and artichoke. Neither of the other three said they would order their meal again. A bad night in the kitchen? Or are the meals too basic.

The hotel complex is large with a number of bars and eating areas. The restaurant area we were in was noisy. On less busy nights it may not be so bad. Try thebeaumaris, it certainly looks the part and on another day the meals may be more satisfying. At this point we make Keys Street the "goto" area for "beauy" dining. For a few drinks from a huge list of beverages thebeaumaris, fits the bill. Enjoy.

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