Monday, March 7, 2011

Caesars Restautant - Frankston

Caesars, Bar, Restaurant, Cafe and Function room sits right on Nepean Hwy near the city of Frankston. Caesars was formerly Via Marie some years back which also had a good name. The owner and head chef is himself Italian and takes huge pride in what he serves to his patrons. I would like to think that the food is as traditional Italian as possible. Italian is my favourite style of food.

We have dined here on a number of occasions and have sampled most of the menu. From fish of the day to Italian sausage. I like a good sausage and what is served here is one of my favourite dishes. Caesars also have daily specials and I have picked from these on a number of occasions. Fish of the day is generally off the specials board.

There is one thing my wife and myself are fussy about is the bruschetta. What some restaurants try to pass off as bruschetta is a joke. At Caesars there are a few different styles. All are good and we have tried them all. But for us the best is what I would call the basic or plain bruschetta. Caesars make an excellent bruschetta.

Wines are reasonable priced and if you are like me and must start with a sparkling to cleanse the palate you will be served a piccolo. Whites or reds, there is a good selection and at moderate prices. The decor is simple but with a hard floor and only minimum sound baffling on the ceiling it can get noisy. Window seats, during the day, provide a lookout on to the highway and a bright spot to enjoy. Service is basic and only one occasion were my wife and I not pleased with the meal. That happened to be a lunch. Every other time the food has been excellent.

Caesars is very easy to recommend. The food is very, very good and for us it is close to home. Their desserts are excellent so try at least a couple of courses. Bring on the sausage.

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